DJ Crash


Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys
2nd Favorite Team (if any): Oakland Raiders
Least Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers

Favorite Active Player: Tony Romo
Favorite All-time Player: Emmitt Smith
Favorite Active Head Coach: Jeff Fisher
Favorite All-time Head Coach: Jimmy Johnson

Favorite NFL Football Moment: 1-2-94 Emmitt Smith runs over the Giants all day with separated shoulder

Favorite Beer: Amstel
Favorite Non-beer Alcoholic Beverage: Craggonmore Whiskey
Favorite football snack: Pretzels with Low Fat Dip

What actor would play you in a movie about your life? Giovanni Ribisi
Favorite Movie (or movie series): Schindler’s List
Favorite Band/Musical Act: Guns n Roses
Favorite Car: Volvo S60