Danny Boy (Broncos)


Favorite Team: Denver Broncos (cover team) and Chicago Bears
2nd Favorite Team: none
Least Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers / Oakland Raiders / New England Patriots

Favorite Active Player: Brian Urlacher
Favorite All-time Player: John Freakin’ Elway
Favorite Active Head Coach: Tom Coughlin
Favorite All-time Head Coach: Mike Ditka

Favorite NFL Football Moment: McCaffrey’s block in Super Bowl XXXII

Favorite Beer: Left Hand Milk Stout (domestic) and Guiness (import)
Favorite Non-Beer Alcoholic Beverage: Is there anything other than beer?
Favorite Football Snack: Wings. HOT wings.

What actor would play you in a movie about your life? Robert Downey, Jr.
Favorite Movie or TV series: Lawrence of Arabia
Favorite Band/Musical Act: The Police
Favorite Car: 1985 Mustang Convertible (black)