So let’s see if we have this right… you want to give us money every month so that we will put your advertisement on the right navigation bar, strategically placed so as to be observable by all visitors to our site? What’s more… you say that clicking on the advertisement will take our readers to your website so that they might purchase your product or service and you will therefore make money? Wow, what a concept!

OK, all you have to do is to get a brown bag, preferably one that looks like it would hold a middle schooler’s lunch. Next, take a stack of 10 and 20 dollar bills (nothing larger) and put it in the bag. Finally, drive to my house and tuck the bag in my backyard, right inside the tire swing. Oh wait… we probably shouldn’t do it that way. The IRS has been all over me about keeping receipts, and I have a feeling that buying a couple of summer homes, a new sports car, and taking a couple of international trips might raise some eyebrows.

Actually, we have very reasonable ad rates that accommodate even the tightest budget. Because we are at the beginning of developing a readership base, our inaugural ad rates are:

– 250×300 ad: $15 for 7 days or $50 for 30 days

– 250×600 ad: $25 for 7 days or $85 for 30 days

We reserve the right to accept or deny ads as we deem appropriate. Rates are only guaranteed for as long as they are posted or at the conclusion of an ad’s placement, whichever is later. To inquire about placing an ad, contact Ghost Rat at