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Welcome to Gridiron Rats (GiR)!

GiR is a football fan site from numerous contributors who share a love of the National Football league, warts and all. You will find that we cheer for different teams, and have very different perspective on the players and storylines that make up the world of professional football. Much of the early work on this site will focus on introducing our readers to our writers, discussing rosters, game results, and making predictions about upcoming games. And of course we wouldn’t be a football site if we didn’t offer our own version of Power Rankings.

Over time the site will dive much deeper than just what happens on the field. Most of the staff participating on this site are educators, and many of us share an interest in the sociological aspects of football. As a result, we are very likely to wax philosophical on topics as far ranging as bounties, performance enhancing drugs, and player safety, and even venture into politics, religion, and other social issues as these issues manifest themselves in the daily fabric of life in the NFL.

We have no illusions about trying to compete with major sites such as Pro Football Talk, Bleacher Report, and others. These are excellent sites that any NFL fan should enjoy, and we consider ourselves fans as well. We are not journalists seeking to break news; we are truly fans running a fan site for our own enjoyment and amusement, and hope that others will find this site entertaining as well. If we never have more than 50 readers, most of whom would be accounted for by our contributors and their families and friends, then we are quite content with that and will sleep very well at night.

Finally, we should note that we have a group of contributors with widely ranging opinions, and quite often we are in disagreement with one another. Don’t be surprised to see articles that take differing views from other articles. Only Ghost Rat speaks for the site, and he only does so when he has consent from the other contributors. Consider each article as representing only the opinion of the contributor who authored it.

We all welcome your feedback on our site, as well as your comments on individual articles. We also invite you to submit articles, whether as one-time contributors or as a recurring writer. With all of that said, we hope you enjoy our site!

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