Feb 022014

superbowl-xlviii-opening-line-has-denver-broncos-as-1-5-point-favorites-against-the-seattle-seahawksWell Fat Jesus wrapped up the weekly picks contest last week, going 2-0 to open up a three game lead with just the Super Bowl remaining. So congrats to Fat Jesus! Of course, the Ghost Rat was the one contributor who predicted Denver and Seattle in the Super Bowl in our pre-season picks, so now we will see if I can accurately predict the winner of that contest as well.

At the beginning of the year I said it would be Denver over Seattle, with a good offense beating a good defense, and I still hold that this will be true today. Manning has too many weapons for Seattle to stop them down consistently, though Manning and the Broncos may struggle to sustain the long drives that they enjoyed against the Patriots. Manning will need some big plays downfield to earn his second Super Bowl ring. Seattle has an outstanding chance of winning this game on the backs of their defense, but it is easier for me to imagine Denver shutting down Russell Wilson than it if for me to see Seattle shut down Manning. Of course, in recent years the MVP Award has been a consolation prize in place of Super Bowl championships, so those believing in omens will find that little factor in Seattle’s favor.

Across our contributors, we give the Broncos a 7-3 edge. Here are our predictions and scores, along with the season rankings.

WriterDEN v SEAScore
Brodrick KincaidDEN27-20
Country PreacherSEA24-20
DJ CrashSEA23-20
Fat JesusDEN27-21
Flip StriclandDEN24-20
Ghost RatDEN31-21
Rat's WidowDEN31-17
Reyno IslandDEN34-31
Guest QuarterSEA
Fat Jesus17788X
Ghost Rat174913
DJ Crash174913
Flip Stricland170957
Brodrick Kincaid169968
Country Preacher168979
Like Gandhi, But Taller16110416
Reyno Island16010517
Rat's Widow15511022
Guest Quarter (coin flip)13013547
updated 2/1/14