Jan 062014

Rat's Awards ImageBeginning later today, the Gridiron Rats second annual post-season awards will start being unveiled. You will recall last year that we correctly predicted each of the NFL’s post-season awards winners, a feat unmatched on any website that we are familiar with. This season, we actually hope not to perform so well, because it was never our intent to predict who others were going to honor. Sticking with our purpose to be strictly a fan site, we are sticking only with with award nominees that our own contributors have nominated, which of course leaves room for some oversights and for some homerism along the way.  Of course, since I get to make nominations as well, I do try to make sure that our slate of nominees is broad and reflective of the many outstanding performances from the 2013 season.

Our schedule for post-season awards is as follows:

January 6 – Defensive Rookie of the Year
January 7 – Offensive Rookie of the Year
January 8 – Comeback Player of the Year
January 9 – Coach of the Year
January 10 – Defensive Player of the Year
January 11 – Offensive Player of the Year
January 12 – Most Valuable Player
January 13 – Rat’s Dropping Award
January 14 – Pied Piper Award

The last two awards are our new creations this season; the Rat’s Dropping Award recognizes an active NFL player as being the worst role model in the National Football league, while the Pied Piper Award recognizes the active player who serves as the best role model in the NFL.

Check back later today to see our first award.

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