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Cincinnati BengalsAfter 256 games of the 2013 NFL regular season, the real football season is finally upon us! We have four wildcard playoff contests this weekend, and the NFL is likely to get four competitive contests, exactly what they are hoping for. Among our contributors, we have no unanimous picks this weekend, and a great deal of disagreement over the Saturday games in particular. Our experts are split between the Colts and the Chiefs in the early contest on Saturday, and have only a slight preference for the Eagles to take out the Saints in the late game. We have more agreement on Sunday, where an overwhelming majority of our contributors expect the Bengals to beat the Chargers and the 49ers to take out the host Packers in Green Bay.

Our full predictions for the weekend follow:

Brodrick KincaidINDPHICINSF
Country PreacherKCPHICINSF
Flip StriclandKCNOCINSF
Guest QuarterKCPHISDGB

For the season, the Ghost Rat rode a 14-2 Week Seventeen showing back into first place in our weekly picks contest, edging out Fat Jesus by a game, while DJ Crash slipped into third place, just two games back. We have some disagreements this weekend among the top three, so the standings are sure to change by the time we are back at it next week. Flip, Brodrick, and the Preacher are locked in a tight battle for fourth place, while Rat’s Widow notched her 150th correct pick for the season; not bad for someone who turned in all of her picks for the year before the first kickoff of Week One.

And, for those who are interested, our staff are staying very competitive with boys over at Pro Football Talk. Michael David Smith, who is kicking the hell out of Mike Florio this season, has 170 wins, which would be good for a one game lead in our league. Meanwhile Florio, who I might add is (justifiably) getting paid great money for his love of (and presumed knowledge of) football, has only 159 wins, which would place him seventh at Gridiron Rats. Better luck next season, Mike.

Here are the standings going into Wildcard Weekend:

Fat Jesus17788X
Ghost Rat174913
DJ Crash174913
Flip Stricland170957
Brodrick Kincaid169968
Country Preacher168979
Like Gandhi, But Taller16110416
Reyno Island16010517
Rat's Widow15511022
Guest Quarter (coin flip)13013547
updated 2/1/14

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