Dec 192013

SeahawksThere are just two more weeks to go in the regular season, and the Seattle Seahawks are maintaining a stranglehold on first place in our power rankings, capturing five of six first place votes. As always (almost) the Preacher dissented, sending his vote to the 49ers. But what we lack in unanimity at the top of the rankings, we make up for at the bottom; all of us have the Texans as our #32 club. Both the Patriots and Saints tumbled as a result of upset losses, so the top five has gotten another overhaul.

Here are the rankings entering Week Sixteen:

1. Seattle Seahawks (12-2) – Will they be able to win in New Jersey in the dead of winter?
2. Denver Broncos (11-3) – They were lucky their stumble didn’t cost them the home field
3. San Francisco 49ers (10-4) – They have “playoff flop” written all over them this season
4. New England Patriots (10-4) – There is no truth to the rumor that contributors from Gridiron Rats will serve as the starting receivers this week against the Ravens; we’re holding out for more money
5. Carolina Panthers (10-4) – Looking like the #2 seed in the NFC
6. New Orleans Saints (10-4) – Just dreadful away from the Superdome
7. Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) – Who knew they had an offense?
8. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5) – A better coach away from a Super Bowl
9. Arizona Cardinals (9-5) – Sneaky good (if offense produces)
10. Indianapolis Colts (9-5) – Sneaky bad (period)
11. Baltimore Ravens (8-6) – Rasputin will not die
12. Philadelphia Eagles (8-6) – Foles and McCoy could be a playoff nightmare
13. Chicago Bears (8-6) – The Bears paying Cutler will be a bigger crime than the Ravens paying Flacco
14. Miami Dolphins (8-6) – The Fins easily proved to be the “best of the rest” in the AFC East
15. Detroit Lions (7-7) – Schwartz needs to go after botching a division that was handed to them
16. San Diego Chargers (7-7) – They couldn’t even keep Ron Burgundy
17. Green Bay Packers (7-6-1) – Packers are wise to let Rodgers heal, while Flynn needs to stay put this time in Wisconsin
18. Dallas Cowboys (7-7) – Romo aspires to one day be considered a “game manager”
19. St. Louis Rams (6-8) – No one wants to play them right now
20. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-8) – Two bad seasons in a row, and little cause for optimism; it’s time to blow it up
21. Tennessee Titans (5-9) – Will Locker and CJ be back next season?
22. New York Jets (6-8) – Rex caught whistling “Leaving on a jet plane” in locker room
23. New York Giants (5-9) – Let’s be clear… the only way in which Eli will ever be considered an “elite” quarterback is when it comes to throwing picks
24. Cleveland Browns (4-10) – Next year is their year; next year is always their year
25. Buffalo Bills (4-10) – Bills’ fans longing for days when they dropped four consecutive Super Bowls
26. Minnesota Vikings (4-9-1) – Matt Cassel should be the starting QB; time to dump Ponder and Freeman
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10) – Next coach should walk into a decent situation
28. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) – Gus Bradley has us believing
29. Oakland Raiders (4-10) – Pryor should be the team’s building block
30. Atlanta Falcons (4-10) – The Pigeons got scared away by the Falcons.. are they here to stay?
31. Washington Football Club (3-11) – Just change the name already
32. Houston Texans (2-12) – Texas’ other favorite team…or that middle sibling no-one talks about

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