Sep 082013

New-York-Jets-550Twas the Night before JETS football
-Reyno Island

Twas the Night before JETS Football
And all through the lands
Fans were all stirring, ready to fill the stands.
The rookies are ready to make their debut
Especially Geno who hopes to start again Week 2

While reporters and critics may write what they write
True fans are excited to watch the Jets take flight

Butt fumbles and dropped passes are a thing of the past
This year we are younger, and stronger, and fast!
Rex is back with Defense but the wildcat lives on
With Powell and Ivory are run game looks strong.

With Marty’s new offense, the end zone we’ll find
2011’s Red zone percentages will surely come to mind.

With Cumberland and Winslow
Holmes, Hill, Kerley and Gates
We know our receivers will be some of the greats!

While Wilkerson shines as a linemen to fear
Richardson might just be Defensive Rookie of the Year

So watch out opponents, Gang Green you should dread.
We have more reasons to cheer than just Fireman Ed.
2013 will bring no more circus no clowns
For the J – E – T – S are coming to town.

Reyno Island

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