Jun 102013

STON0470.JPGI really can’t say I am surprised.

In the past twenty minutes, Boston radio stations and ESPN have all alerted me to the fact that the Patriots plan to sign Tim Tebow tomorrow in time for mandatory minicamp.

On hearing this news, I can only reach the conclusion that it has finally dawned on Tebow that his NFL career can only continue if he is willing to play a position other than quarterback. Tebow would join the Patriots behind Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett, and Mike Kafka, and has no hope of landing a backup quarterback role. Bringing in Tebow makes sense for the Patriots, who could use a player in a fullback/tight end role, particularly at the rate at which the Patriots are going through tight ends. It also makes sense given that Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the guy who drafted Tebow in the first round to bring him to Denver. If Tebow is being brought in to play quarterback, then he is a very interesting pick to serve as a temporary camp arm.

There is much more to come on this, but for now the Tebow circus has moved up the road from New Jersey to Foxboro. Yet somehow I don’t anticipate the same amount of drama as we have seen with Timmy in the past.

Correction: It got past me that Kafka has been released by the team. Suddenly the possibility of being a camp arm is a possibility, though we can expect the Pats to sign another quarterback once they get to training camp.

UPDATE: It turns out the passed released Kafka earlier on Monday. Word is that Tebow has been brought in as the third quarterback, meaning that someone in Foxboro thinks all of the remedial work that Tebow has been doing is making a difference. I’ll choose to remain a skeptic, and think this move is little more than a good-natured poke at the Jets. Tebow reportedly signed a two year deal with no guaranteed money.

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  1. The Patriots just got the best punt protector in the league.

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