Feb 022013

On the MoneySo we are going to finish with a tie in our first annual Gridiron rats pick-em contest.

After both going 1-1 last week, both Fat Jesus and myself are going with the 49ers to beat the Ravens this weekend, and thus we will end up tied in first place together, win or lose. You can see our standings below.

Ghost Rat17590.660X
Fat Jesus17590.660X
Brodrick Kincaid16897.6347
Reyno Island165100.62310
Flip Stricland164101.61911
Country Preacher159106.60016
Rat's Widow146119.55129
Idaho Quarter128137.48347
Danny Boy35230.132140
updated 2/2/13

As for the big game, it’s not a unanimous pick by our staff, but it’s pretty close. We are calling for a 49ers victory this weekend, thus putting a damper on the Ray “look at how great I am” Lewis “me me me” retirement party. After all, if there is one story line I am absolutely sick of over the past two weeks, that’s the one. Speaking for only myself, I expect this will be a very competitive Super Bowl and I can truly see either team winning, but I am holding out the hope and belief that if there is any karma in this universe, then the Ravens will be denied the victory. My take is that while the 49ers defense can be taken apart by a good offense, the Ravens’ weapons won’t be able to connect on big, game-changing plays, while the 49ers should be able to take advantage of Colin Kaepernick’s legs and passes to Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis to exploit mismatches in coverage. This depends on Frank Gore (and Kaepernick) being able to run and keep the Ravens in their base defense, something the Patriots were unable to do two weeks ago.

Here are our picks:

Ghost Rat – 49ers 34 Ravens 24
Rat’s Widow – 49ers 34 Ravens 21
Fat Jesus – 49ers 27 Ravens 21
Country Preacher – Ravens 24 49ers 20
Reyno Island – 49ers 27 Ravens 17
LGBT – 49ers 31 Ravens 28
Flip Stricland – 49ers 27 Ravens 17
Brodrick Kincaid – 49ers 27 Ravens 24
Idaho Quarter – 49ers over Ravens

We’ll be back next week with the final standings.

Ghost Rat

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