Jan 042013

GiRWow…more than a month since the last Rat’s Lair piece; where does the time go? I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday season, and that your 2013 is off too a fantastic start.

Since we last met, the regular season has wrapped up and we are now anticipating four highly entertaining games this Wildcard weekend. And while I have a moment, I wanted to catch our readers up on some site business and revisit our contributors 2012 predictions. So let’s get right into it.

New Contributor

I want to welcome DJ Crash as a new contributor to Gridiron Rats. We got to know DJC through our GiR fantasy football league this season and found out that he does some freelance writing work in another sport. When we learned of his interest in our site, we jumped right on it. To date he has written three previews of this weekend’s games with another still to come, and I think our readers will see that his writing is outstanding. We look forward to seeing much more from DJC as we gear up for the rest of the post-season and transition into the 2013 off-season.

Our 2012 Predictions

I have gone back and examined our 2012 regular season predictions, as I am a big believer in revisiting to see how well or how poorly we did. Like Gandhi, But Taller (LGBT) had the best regular season by far, missing team records by only 70 games (about 73% accuracy). Here’s how we ranked overall, comparing total wins by team by projected wins per team.

Like Gandhi, But Taller (LGBT) – 72.7% accurate (70 game difference)
GiR Consensus Picks – 71.1% accurate (74 game difference)
Reyno Island – 69.2% accurate (79 game difference)
Fat Jesus – 69.2% accurate (79 game difference)
Country Preacher – 68.8% accurate (80 game difference)
Ghost Rat – 66.8% accurate (85 game difference)
Brodrick Kincaid – 66.8% accurate (85 game difference)
Flip Stricland – 63.3% accurate (94 game difference)
Rat’s Widow – 60.6% accurate (101 game difference)

Our writer by writer breakdown can be viewed here.

For the post-season, half of our Super Bowl predictions are still on the board. LGBT is out with his call for a Dallas victory. Fat Jesus missed by calling for a Bears’ appearance. Country Preacher missed with his irrational love of the Philadelphia Eagles this season, while the Widow banked on a Super Bowl rematch from last season. this leaves Ghost Rat, Flip Stricland, Reyno Island, and Brodrick Kincaid in the running to correctly call the Super Bowl (in addition to our consensus pick). Our pre-season Super Bowl picks included:

Ghost Rat: New England over San Francisco
Flip Stricland: Houston over Green Bay
LGBT: Dallas over Houston
Reyno Island: San Francisco over Baltimore
Fat Jesus: Denver over Chicago
Brodrick Kincaid: San Francisco over Denver
Country Preacher: Baltimore over Philadelphia
Rat’s Widow: New England over New York Giants
Consensus Pick: San Francisco over New England

That’s all for now… enjoy the Wildcard weekend and we will see you back here with our recaps next week!

Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

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