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JestNo, that’s not a typo. Based on the accompanying picture for this article from NFL Game Day, it seems that even the NFL Network understands how dysfunctional the circus from New Jersey really is. Not only did the Jets post a 6-10 record and officially cross the threshold into being a bad team, they can’t even manage to get the post-season right.

Here’s how it went down; the Jets had just finished their worst season since 2007 (that’s right… we don’t have to look far) and Woody Johnson made the decision to fire General Manager Mike Tannenbaum. It was a good decision to be sure, but only one third of the house cleaning needed to demonstrate a real commitment to change, as the Jets carry a talented but seriously overrated head coach and a “Sanchize” quarterback who is the worst starting quarterback in the league. But the Jets had financially committed to Mark Sanchez (after his Tebow-incited meltdown) and were poised to have a news conference in which they publicly committed to Rex Ryan as the team’s head coach.

Only the press conference was delayed, and everyone in the Jets’ organization has gone silent, with Ryan leaving New Jersey. NFL rules require that head coaches be made available to the media within one week of the team’s final game, but the Jets have now scheduled a conference including Rex Ryan for next Tuesday, which is outside the time permitted. This led the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA) to file a complaint against the Jets. The NFL is now looking into the matter, and it seems that a stiff fine may be coming in order to deter future teams from ignoring the seven day rule.

The reason for the delay has been subject to much speculation. Is the team reconsidering its commitment to Ryan? Or are the Jets trying to wrap up their search for a GM and first allow the new GM to determine if he wants to keep Rex on staff, either in 2013 or beyond. Ryan was alleged to have kidded that he would rather be fired than to quit, and he may soon be wishing that he was fired along with Mike Tannenbaum. One possible scenario is a new GM agreeing to keep Ryan on board for 2013, but then firing Ryan after the Jets fail to make the playoffs next season.

And given the Jets’ continued commitment to Mark Sanchez, the salary cap Hell that Tannenbaum placed the team in, and the team’s clear lack of talent and depth, that scenario doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch.

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  2 Responses to “What is wrong with the Jest now?”

  1. My guess is we have Ryan for 1 more season. I bet that he will be fired if we have anything less than a 10-6 record.

    In other news, I’ve officially submitted materials for the Jets GM position but I haven’t heard anything yet.

  2. LOL!! The Jets could do a far cry worse than hiring you! My belief is that your guess is dead on, which unfortunately means another lost year for the franchise. Better to pull the bandaid off now and start the re-building process sooner.

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