Jan 032013

Vote!OK, so I’m going to pretend that Poll #20 never happened. Despite decent traffic, no one seemed interested in the poll, so we’ll call it a dud and move on.

Poll #21 looks at our reader’s choice fr the 2012 MVP, grabbing the top six players from our own site’s MVP voting. Our MVP will be announced on Monday, January 7, but we’ll leave this poll up until the 14th before getting back onto our regular schedule. The GiR award winners in seven categories will begin rolling out tomorrow morning. We begin tomorrow with Head Coach of the Year and Comeback Player. On Saturday we will have the Offensive and defensive Rookies of the Year, followed on Sunday with Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year.

Poll #21: Who is your choice for NFL MVP this season?

Tom Brady, New England
Robert Griffin III, Washington
Peyton Manning, Denver
Adrian Peterson, Minnesota
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
JJ Watt, Houston

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