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Dec 272012

On the MoneyWe finally have a new leader.

Buoyed by a 14-2 showing this week, Ghost Rat overcame his two game deficit and snuck into the lead in our Gridiron Rats pick ’em contest, nudging one game ahead of Fat Jesus and two in front of Brodrick Kincaid. Country Preacher, LGBT, and Flip Stricland all went 12-4 this week, while Rat’s Widow, Fat Jesus, and Reyno Island came in at 11-5. Brod went 10-6, while even our Quarter had a good week at 9-7.

Here are the standings entering the final week of the regular season.

Ghost Rat17590.660X
Fat Jesus17590.660X
Brodrick Kincaid16897.6347
Reyno Island165100.62310
Flip Stricland164101.61911
Country Preacher159106.60016
Rat's Widow146119.55129
Idaho Quarter128137.48347
Danny Boy35230.132140
updated 2/2/13

Remember that our competition runs through the playoffs, ending with the Super Bowl.

By comparison, Mike Florio at PFT is 157-82, which would put him in first place by two games, while Michael David Smith at PFT is 149-90, good for fifth place in our league.

Our final regular season week promises to disrupt the standings again. Ghost Rat and Fat Jesus are in complete agreement on their picks this week, while both disagree with Brodrick Kincaid disagree on four games. So we should be entering the playoffs with our competition still very much up for grabs. Only the Broncos (v. Chiefs) and Chargers (v. Raiders) are unanimous picks this week. Rat’s Widow opted to write about the college bowl system this week and took a pass on writing her picks, but chose this week’s winners based on alphabetical order of team names.

Here are our final regular season consensus picks.

Week 17 Consensus Picks

Bills over Jets
Patriots over Dolphins
Bengals over Ravens
Browns over Steelers
Colts over Texans
Jaguars over Titans
Giants over Eagles
Redskins over Cowboys
Bears over Lions
Packers over Vikings
Falcons over Buccaneers
Saints over Panthers
Broncos over Chiefs*
Chargers over Raiders*
49ers over Cardinals
Seahawks over Rams

Our individual picks can be seen here.

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