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bowl-logosWidows and Fans, I totally get that this is an NFL site, although I can only assume that many of you also indulge in a little bit of college football in addition to the steady diet of the NFL, especially at this time of year. Having attended a Big Ten school myself, with a football program that has typically waxed and waned (mostly waned) in terms of their performance, and having come from a family of Michigan State fans, I have paid attention over the years to the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, etc. Getting a “Bowl Bid” was a big deal.

Bowl Bid- once upon a simpler time, this was an honor bestowed upon only the highest rated teams, who were invited to play in one of 5 post season games. Over time, the definition has changed to include the invitation to play in one of 35 post-season games.

Bowl games, once a New Year’s Day tradition, are now played beginning in mid-December and don’t end until early January. Teams with as few as 6 wins can be invited to play in one of these games. I found many in the sports blogging community that share my outrage at the deterioration of tradition. I also found someone who shares my sense of humor at the absurdity of it all. I can’t do it better, so here is a link to a 2010 blog post of the 10 worst (and funniest) college bowl sponsorships.

Some may disagree with my assessment that 35 bowl games is excessive and argue that it is still an honor to be invited to play in the post-season in spite of a team winning only half of their games. To me, it smacks of a “get-a-trophy-for-just-showing-up” mentality that takes away some, if not all, of the integrity of the bowl series. One of the large criticisms of the generation of young people entering adulthood these days is the expectation of reward for meeting basic expectations. Corporations like the San Diego County Credit Union, sponsors of the Poinsettia Bowl, and R+L Carriers, sponsors of the New Orleans Bowl, have found a great way to reward that mentality. Understand that I am in no way trying to diminish the college athlete and his accomplishments, or those of any team for that matter. I just thought that bowl games were about being the best, not about putting a company name out there for all to see, while placing the dubious distinction “Played in the 2012 Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl” on a Bowling Green graduate’s resume.

Since this has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime in my humble, Football Widow’s opinion, I have come up with a few ideas of my own as corporate sponsors court opportunities to support NCAA football and vice versa. With women representing a large part of the market share, some of these will also appeal to my sisters in crime.

1. Tampax Tampon Freedom Bowl- If there is one thing more American than college football, it’s freedom. You know I’m right…
2. “He Went to Jared” Bowl- Holy subliminal advertising, Batman! That one would get rings on the fingers of many a young lady in the new year!
3. Secret “Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman” Bowl- Teeheehee! This one needs no comment!
4. Activia Regularity Bowl- Regularity is important, folks.
5. L’Oreal “Because You’re Worth It” Bowl- Hey, if car wax or local credit unions can sponsor a bowl, why can’t a quality drug store makeup and hair product company?

Now I will climb off of my soap box and get back to the business of planning the menu for the first annual Gridiron Rats Super Bowl Party, to which I will be wearing my brand new Patriots Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt! Thanks, Ghost Rat! I love it!!

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