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Stacee McWilliams was a witness to the aftermath of the accident in which Cowboys’ practice squad player Jerry Brown was killed in a car driven by Cowboys’ defensive lineman Josh Brent.

Describing the scene following the crash, McWilliams said the car initially had a small fire and she believed that Brent was the only person involved. She was relieved to know that no one was hurt and that help was on the way. But as the car began to become engulfed in flames, McWilliams heard Brown calling out for help from within the car, and she confronted Brent.

“Josh looked at me and he said ‘(Brown) won’t get out of the car,’” McWilliams said. “And I said ‘well you can’t just leave him in there and let him die, you’ve got to help him. Go get him.’ I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me again and he said ‘he won’t get out of the car’ and I told him ‘you can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out.’ He still didn’t move so I thought he wasn’t going to help at all.”

While McWilliams went back to her car to get her cell phone, Brent finally pulled Brown out of the wreckage and laid him on the ground.

“I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said. “I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire but he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire and when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn’t tell him ‘hang in there, help is on the way.’ Nothing. He just left him there and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”

If McWilliams’ observations are accurate, this speaks to Brent’s state of mind. While he was no doubt in shock from the crash, his level of impairment contributed to his inability and/or unwillingness to attend to his friend.

This is a very sad situation for everyone involved, and this new information makes it that much sadder. In the end, McWilliams is right about one thing; for numerous reasons, Josh Brent is no hero.

UPDATE (12/11/12): On a more gentle note, PFT is reporting that Jerry Brown’s mother has asked that Josh Brent ride with her to Brown’s memorial service. That’s an amazing act of forgiveness in a horrible situation that Josh Brent will have to live with for the rest of his life.

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