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With the second Jets win in a row, and what will likely be a third this coming Monday in Nashville, I’m trying not to jump on the “we may make the playoffs” bandwagon, so I’ve started to think about other things as to not get excited… so here is to looking ahead to the draft.

I am suggesting that the Jets do not draft a Running Back or Quarterback in this upcoming draft. Why? Well, mostly because “Magic” Mike Tannenbaum has given us very little to work with; but also because the best case scenario for the Jets is to concentrate on filling much needed holes in the team with the draft and helping out those other positions in free agency.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not that impressed with the QB pool coming out of this year’s draft class. I’m also not going to hide the fact that I’m hoping we can make a play for a QB a year from now (someone like Johnny Football!). In addition, I think that this year will provide some decent veteran QB opportunities to bring in fairly cheap while we continue to pay Mark Sanchez $8,000,000 to throw to the other team. I think that the time of Michael Vick in Philadelphia is likely over and I think that he would be a great asset to our team (if we can afford him) for at least a year.

I actually like our running back situation currently. No, I do not think that Greene or Powell are all that great, but I’m not ready to commit to letting either go. I think they are good for our system. I’d love to see us utilize McKnight more as a guy who can make things happen in open space, but either way I still want him as our kick return man. If we draft and create more depth as I have requested our 2014 draft will provide ideal opportunity for “skill” position players like QB and RB.

You will see (below) that I have created what I am hoping the Jets position roster will look like. There are three places I think we need to concentrate on in Free Agency (QB, WR, and DE). In each of those spots we need a strong, veteran presence (Especially at Wide Receiver). All other draft spots (assuming we will have 7 picks) will go to the following areas (WR, WR, TE, OL, LB, SS, CB) – Manti Te’o is the guy I’m hoping we can pick up in the first round (fat chance, but leave me alone in my delusions). I would be happy with us picking up someone at any of these positions that could be ready to come in and be a big time contributor right away.

The following lineup will be a middle of the pack team, but may be able to make a run if they can learn to play together.

2013 New York Jets
QBs – Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, (FA – I’m hoping for Michael Vick)
RBs –Greene, McKnight, Powell
FB – Conner, Hilliard
WRs – Holmes, Hill, Kerley, Gates, (FA Veteran, Rookie, Rookie)
TEs – Keller, Cumberland, Reuland (Rookie)
OL – Brick, Slauson, Vlad, Mangold, Moore, Howard, Smith (Rookie)
NT – Pouha, Ellis
DE – Wilkerson, Coples, Devito (FA)
LB – Pace, Harris, Scott, Davis, (Rookie)
S – Landry, Bell, Smith, Allen (Rookie)
CB – Revis, Cromartie, Lankster, Wilson (Rookie)
K/P – Folk, Malone
Total – 51 (leaving a few spots for the Jets front office to waste time and money on)

At this time I would like to formally submit my application for NY Jets general manager. I fear that if I’m not considered for this position then we may stick with Mike Tannenbaum, re-sign Tim Tebow, pick up someone like Chad Johnson, sign another rugby player, do another reality show, and continue to turn “Gang Green” into “The Island of Misfit Toys” …. (All I want for Christmas is a new GM).

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  4 Responses to “Looking ahead to the Jets Off-Season: Why the Jets should not draft a QB or RB at all. Wait… WHAT?”

  1. The problem with this scenario however is that the jets are an estimated $22 million over next year’s cap, and that’s with only 40 players under contract. Keeping Revis isn’t easy under these numbers and it’s already anticipated we will cut Scott, Pace, and Jason and Eric Smith in the off season. Pouha has also been talked about as a possible salary cap hit. We might as well go after a QB since next season could be even uglier.

  2. Valid point, obviously there are a lot of factors to consider.

    I agree with you, but wonder what the Revis injury will do for his future contract numbers. I can’t argue that Tannenbaum has put us in an awful position (especially with the Sanchez and Holmes deals). I would rather see us cut Keller, E. Smith, Jason, and Bart before losing Pouha and Pace.

    I can’t see any scenario in which it is a good idea to grab a QB from this draft class while still paying Sanchez. I think we need to get creative and recognize that depth into some of the less “flashy” positions will set us up for more future success. Key word being future… we need to decide if we are going to continue to take things 1 year at a time by putting together a team of winner or start (over time) building a winning team.

  3. Last night did it for me – Sanchez must go. Trade him for some shoulder pads and practice balls, but please find someone to take this turd.

  4. I hope he goes as well but I don’t think anyone is going to want to trade anyone or anything for him unless a major injury happens to a team that is already desperate.

    I don’t think McElroy got a fair shot and I’m hoping he is still looked at as starting material unless a dynamite free agent pops up. I don’t want us to waste a draft pick on a QB this season. It just will not be worth it.

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