Week 12 Picks

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Nov 212012

It seems that our weekly picks race is getting interesting.

But of course the week that your friendly neighborhood Ghost Rat goes 12-2 in his picks, so too does Fat Jesus and Flip Stricland, and the three of us took the weekly honors. Country Preacher came in with 11 wins for the week and Brodrick Kincaid was next with 10. Brod stays atop the standings with a record of 106-53, followed by Fat Jesus and Flip two games behind, Reyno Island at three games back, and yours truly at five back. With six weeks left and only five games separating five of our contributors, it promises to be an exciting finish. And… just for sake of comparison over at Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio is sitting on a 103-56 record and Michael David Smith is 99-60. If you want good picks, you might as well just stay here at Gridiron Rats.  :-)

Rat’s Widow continues to beat the hell out of chance, now sitting twelve games over our quarter after she posted a 9-5 record this week. And Danny Boy? His streak continues as he is now a mere 71 games out of first place. Amazingly, he still hasn’t been mathematically eliminated. (And yes Danny… we’re going to keep heckling you until you come back. We’ll probably still heckle you after that too, but putting your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes, and singing “la, la, la, I can’t hear you…” won’t make us go away.)

Our standings:

Ghost Rat17590.660X
Fat Jesus17590.660X
Brodrick Kincaid16897.6347
Reyno Island165100.62310
Flip Stricland164101.61911
Country Preacher159106.60016
Rat's Widow146119.55129
Idaho Quarter128137.48347
Danny Boy35230.132140
updated 2/2/13

For Week 12, there’s lots of disagreement among our contributors on what is a brutal slate of games to pick. I rather suspect this week will be decisive for one or two of the top five as we move towards the post-season. We will keep the competition going all the way through the Super Bowl. One notable pick is that most of our writers favor the Browns to upset the short-handed Steelers. As always, you can read our individual picks here.

Our Week 12 Consensus Picks

Texans over Lions
Redskins over Cowboys
Patriots over Jets
Bengals over Raiders (unanimous)
Browns over Steelers
Colts over Bills (unanimous)
Titans over Jaguars
Broncos over Chiefs (unanimous)
Bears over Vikings
Buccaneers over Falcons
Seahawks over Dolphins
Ravens over Chargers (unanimous)
Saints over 49ers
Cardinals over Rams
Packers over Giants
Eagles over Panthers

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