Nov 022012

So what does a ghost rat do with a bye week?

Truth be told, this could be a pretty football free weekend at the Lair (gasp), as the Patriots have the bye, we only have two kids at home this weekend along with a growing Honey Do list and a need for some quiet time together. I am pretty sure I will grab a couple of games over the weekend, but not nearly with the intensity of an average Sunday in the fall.

So before we hit the actual weekend and I put the site out of my attentions for the next 36 hours or so, let’s catch up on some GiR news.

She Told Me So…

Last week we had 115 people vote in our poll regarding the MVP to date this season, and as I previously noted I was thrilled with the turnout. In the spirit of keep reasonable (i.e., low) expectations, I said to the Widow, “well that’s not going to be topped anytime soon.” She laughed and told me that the question this week was a good one, and we would break the new record this week. I guffawed.

Well… of course she was right. We surpassed the 115 mark within 24 hours and I’ve been eating crow since. As of this writing, we have settled out around 155 votes and I don’t expect it to go up much (if at all) by Monday. And while I sincerely and genuinely doubt that we will again top this mark in the coming weeks, I must simply pause and say, “you were right, dear.”

Speaking of numbers…

We actually passed the 6,000 visit mark last month, a third straight significant jump in our readership. Whether you are just here for one article, or if you are a repeat visitor, we welcome you here and hope you enjoy the site.

Content and Contributors

This is not our day job (wouldn’t that be nice…), so a fair criticism of our site right now is that it is pretty Patriots heavy, and we are not putting up a ton of content on a daily basis. All of our writers have day jobs, and it’s hard for people to be able to write up all of the great ideas that they have. That said, I am working with our contributors on a calendar of articles that we will be moving ahead with, and getting some assignments out for feature pieces.

I know what you’re thinking…. “Why, Ghost Rat… hw can I help?” Well first… thank you for asking. :-)  Second, we welcome your ideas about stories that you would like to see, and we welcome ‘you, our reader’… to become ‘you, our contributor’. If you want to write an article about your favorite team, player, event in the NFL, etc., please do send your ideas along. We are particularly interested in any of those out there who want to offer suggestions on starters/benchers in fantasy football, something we have been wanting to cover but haven’t yet gotten around to. If you are interested, please write me here.

That’s all for now – have a great weekend!

Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

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