Oct 252012

No I in Lapdance and Lawdawg04 continue to dominate the Gridiron Rats Fantasy Football League, as Lapdance beat the Bruisers 155.38-120.10 and Lawdawh disposed of It’s Complicated 131.72-123.62. The East and South continue to be sub-par divisions with JUSTmyLUCK and Lambda Chi Guy holding momentary advantage in their respective divisions.

Here are your results from Week 7:

Team Dan Mocci 200.04 – Ghost Rats 95.54

Boy… talk about getting pounded this week! Team Dan Mocci destroyed Ghost Rats 200.04 – 95.54 while also putting up the second-highest score of the season. While Ghost Rats (3-4) is only a game back of Team Dan Mocci (4-3), they’re quite a bit farther behind in points, 1,070.61 – 813.48. This was a beatdown for the record books, with the 104.50-point margin of victory being the highest recorded in the league this season. On top of the loss, Ghost Rats had a starter score zero points (Brandon Bolden).

WD Forte 113.88 – Madden All-Stars 112.50

WD Forte (5-2, 970.95 points) edged Madden All-Stars (4-3, 963.67 points) 113.88 – 112.50 in a matchup with four lead changes. Their top player was Drew Brees, who had the highest point total in the league this week. Madden All-Stars was the first to put up points and by Sunday was already out in front 15.60 – 0. That advantage disappeared by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed by 27.48. By the end of the Sunday night game, the lead flipped yet again and Madden All-Stars went up 106.10 – 94.18. WD Forte closed it out with a comeback on Monday night, thanks to 7.00 points from Robbie Gould.

Lambda Chi Guy 141.70 – SG-1 87.14

Lambda Chi Guy picked up 25.80 points from Rob Gronkowski and 25.00 from Matt Hasselbeck to thump SG-1, 141.70 – 87.14. SG-1 has had some misfortune and is on a three-game losing streak. Andrew Luck led SG-1 with 26.64 points while Sebastian Janikowski racked up 14.00. Adding insult to injury, SG-1 got zero points from Isaac Redman. Lambda Chi Guy (4-3, 925.44 points) remains in fourth place while SG-1 (3-4, 799.80 points) stays in 11th place.

No I in Lapdance 155.38 – Bruisers 120.10

No I in Lapdance got past Bruisers 155.38 – 120.10 and logged the second-highest point total in the league this week. No I in Lapdance has proven they are for real and remains undefeated. Bruisers was led by Jay Cutler with 23.40 points and Brandon Marshall who scored 20.10. Bruisers (2-5, 818.65 points) crawls into 13th place while No I in Lapdance (7-0, 1,090.18 points) remains in first place.

InNae 150.40 – Brownie Bites 81.53

InNae registered the highest score they’ve earned all season, pummeling Brownie Bites 150.00 – 81.53. It was a monumental rout, and the 68.47-point margin of victory was the seventh-highest recorded in the league this season. Brownie Bites, coming off a 118.56 – 100.81 win against Lambda Chi Guy, saw their scoring drop substantially this week. Brownie Bites (2-5, 795.30 points) sinks into 14th place while InNae (1-6, 757.35 points) remains mired in the cellar.

Reyno Island 118.75 – nylifers 48.50

Reyno Island got 38.80 points from Ryan Fitzpatrick and 26.20 from Frank Gore, dismantling nylifers, 118.75 – 48.50. Even though these teams have matching 2-5 records, Reyno Island has a distinct advantage in points, 901.08 – 793.36. It was a beating to remember, and the 70.25-point margin of victory was the sixth-highest recorded in the league this season. To make matters worse, nylifers got goose eggs from both Peyton Manning and Kevin Smith.

Lawdawg04 131.72 – It’s Complicated 123.62

Down 27.42 on Sunday night, Lawdawg04 came back to beat It’s Complicated 131.72 – 123.62. Lawdawg04 got 35.80 points from Chris Johnson and 28.52 from Ben Roethlisberger. Lawdawg04 met their projections and scored 5.8% more than their projected 124.55 points, while It’s Complicated fell just short of hitting their projections and got 98.0% of a projected 126.16. It’s Complicated was led by Robert Griffin III with 37.22 points and Victor Cruz who scored 29.10. It’s Complicated (4-3, 888.57 points) drops to eighth place and Lawdawg04 (6-1, 935.74 points) remains in second place.

JUSTmyLUCK 136.01 – Chump Change 89.68

JUSTmyLUCK (4-3, 958.77 points) trashed Chump Change (3-4, 834.82 points) 136.01 – 89.68, led by Tom Brady with 35.36 points and Randall Cobb who scored 32.70. JUSTmyLUCK scored first and went into Sunday in front 7.00 – 0. They lost the handle after the early Sunday games and trailed 75.58 – 59.05. JUSTmyLUCK took the lead back during the late Sunday games and held on for the victory.

Current league standings can be found here.

Week 8 Match-ups include

Ghost Rats @ Lawdawg04
WD Forte @ Lambda Chi Guy
No I in Lapdance @ Brownie Bites
Team Dan Mocci @ It’s Complicated
InNae @ Reyno Island
Madden All-Stars @ Chump Change
nylifers @ Bruisers

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