Oct 222012

Wow… we had quite a turnout for this past week’s poll, and we thank all the kind readers from Reddit who visited our site to take part. We had another runaway winner this week, as 42% of you thought that the New Orleans Saints were off to the most disappointing start in the NFL this season. Here are the results from last week’s poll.


Poll #10: Which team is off to the most disappointing start?

New Orleans (1-4) (42%, 32 Votes)
Carolina (1-4) (22%, 17 Votes)
New England (3-3) (17%, 13 Votes)
Green Bay (3-3) (9%, 7 Votes)
Pittsburgh (2-3) (4%, 3 Votes)
Kansas City (1-5) (3%, 2 Votes)
Dallas (2-3) (3%, 2 Votes)
Total Voters: 76

This week’s poll takes a first look at the MVP of the season to date. It is a large pool, trying to fit in the top quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and defensive players to see what fans think of the candidates after seven weeks.

Poll #11: If the season ended today, who would you vote for as the Most Valuable Player?

Tom Brady, New England
Drew Brees, New Orleans
Victor Cruz, New York Giants
Arian Foster, Houston
Frank Gore, San Francisco
AJ Green, Cincinnati
Robert Griffin III, Washington
Percy Harvin, Minnesota
Marshawn Lynch, Seattlle
Eli Manning, New York Giants
Peyton Manning, Denver
Clay Matthews, Green Bay
Alfred Morris, Washington
Adrian Peterson, Minnesota
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
Matt Ryan, Atlanta
JJ Watt, Houston
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis
Wes Welker, New England

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  6 Responses to “Poll Results and Poll #11”

  1. ELI!

  2. Percy for sure

  3. Matt Ryan hands down

  4. Is it any question that it’s Aaron Rodgers? Or did he play at such a high level last year that he played himself out of any future admiration?

  5. Percy Harvin, he has been carrying Ponder with his YAC and his returns have put points on the board or at least give them good starting field position.

  6. Matt Ryan. Had a bit of a shake up the past two weeks, but still leading the falcons to their best start, on pace for a career year.

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