Oct 182012

I missed the update last week; just too many things going on. So before the next slate of games starts tonight, let’s catch up on the developments in the Gridiron Rats fantasy football league.

Gridiron Rats StandingsWLTPFPlayoff Seed
GiR Contributor
Ghost Rats340813.36Ghost Rat
Brownie Bites250796.30Fat Jesus
WD Forte520971.955Cankles
Team Dan Mocci4301070.61
Chump Change340835.42Flip Stricland
Lambda Chi Guy430928.144
Reyno Island250899.78Reyno Island
No I in Lapdance7001090.361Like Gandhi But Taller
Madden All-Stars430964.676
It's Complicated430887.87
SG-1340799.80Brodrick Kincaid

Here are the Week Six results:

Ghost Rats 117.34 WD Forte 90.52

WD Forte labored to score points this week and lost to Ghost Rats 117.34 – 90.52. Ghost Rats met expectations and put up 8.7% more than their projected 107.93 points, while WD Forte did not meet to their projections and scored only 80.1% of a projected 112.97. WD Forte was done in by a dramatic drop in scoring from last week’s 195.30 – 140.32 win against JUSTmyLUCK. Ghost Rats (3-3, 717.94 points) climbs into 10th place and WD Forte (4-2, 857.07 points) drops to fifth place.

Brownie Bites 118.56 Lambda Chi Guy 100.81

Percy Harvin put up 32.40 points and Joe Flacco scored 24.06 as Brownie Bites defeated Lambda Chi Guy, 118.56 – 100.81. Brownie Bites beat expectations and put up 10.1% more than their projected 107.72 points, while Lambda Chi Guy failed to meet their projections and scored only 88.2% of a projected 114.35. Lambda Chi Guy, coming off a 151.30 – 102.90 win against Chump Change, saw their scoring drop off this week. Brownie Bites (2-4, 713.77 points) inches up to 13th place and Lambda Chi Guy (3-3, 783.74 points) drops to fourth place.

No I in Lapdance 190.52 Team Dan Mocci 141.08

No I in Lapdance put up the highest point total this week on the way to their sixth win in a row when they defeated Team Dan Mocci 189.52 – 141.08. The streak is due in part to No I in Lapdance having the highest scoring output in the league at 155.80 points per matchup. Team Dan Mocci goes to 3-3 and slides to eighth place. No I in Lapdance stays unbeaten and in first place at 6-0.

It’s Complicated 128.73 InNae 92.62

It’s Complicated picked up the second-highest player score this week from Robert Griffin III (48.58) and beat InNae 128.73 – 92.62. InNae is headed for a lost season and is winless. InNae was led by Josh Freeman with 40.12 points and Doug Baldwin who scored 15.40. To make matters worse, InNae had two starters score zero points (Steve Smith and Justin Blackmon). It’s Complicated (4-2, 764.95 points) climbs into seventh place and InNae (0-6, 607.35 points) stays locked in last place.

Madden All-Stars 175.34 Reyno Island 170.39

Madden All-Stars amassed the second-highest point total this week and erased a 42.95-point deficit on Monday night, edging Reyno Island 175.34 – 170.39. Madden All-Stars has built consistency after winning their fourth straight. Reyno Island was coming off a 146.62 – 105.75 loss against No I in Lapdance and saw their scoring ratchet up this week. Madden All-Stars (4-2, 851.17 points) climbs into sixth place while Reyno Island (1-5, 782.33 points) sinks into 15th place.

Lawdawg04 130.82 nylifers 112.76

Lawdawg04 got 34.92 points from Ben Roethlisberger and 19.90 from Adrian Peterson to take down nylifers 130.42 – 112.76. Lawdawg04 met expectations and scored 6.5% more points than projected (122.48). nylifers got just 87.2% of a projected 129.27 points. nylifers, coming off a 171.30 – 80.28 win against Brownie Bites, saw their scoring drop substantially this week. Lawdawg04 (5-1, 804.02 points) climbs into second place and nylifers (2-4, 744.86 points) drops to 12th place.

JUSTmyLUCK 126.55 Bruisers 104.54

JUSTmyLUCK took advantage of the third-highest player score this week from Tom Brady (44.80), taking down Bruisers 126.55 – 104.54. JUSTmyLUCK has beaten expectations three weeks straight and put up 21.6% more points than projected in this matchup. Bruisers was done in by a substantial drop in scoring from last week’s 142.58 – 75.03 win against InNae. The gap could have been wider, JUSTmyLUCK had a starter score zero points (Daniel Thomas). JUSTmyLUCK (3-3, 822.76 points) climbs into third place and Bruisers (2-4, 698.55 points) sinks into 14th place.

Chump Change 125.40 SG-1 100.10

Chump Change picked up 40.00 points from Sam Bradford and 19.60 from Kyle Rudolph to beat SG-1 123.40 – 100.10. Chump Change met their projections and scored 5.5% more points than projected (116.98). SG-1 got just 86.6% of a projected 115.58 points. SG-1 was led by Isaac Redman with 18.90 points and Andrew Luck who scored 16.10. The result might have been even worse, Chump Change had a starter score zero points (Brian Hartline). Chump Change (3-3, 745.14 points) climbs into ninth place while SG-1 (3-3, 712.66 points) drops to 11th place.

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