Oct 102012

Our cast of experts had a strong showing in Week Five, with five of our nine contributors hitting double digits in correct picks out of the 14 games on the docket. Fat Jesus led the way with 11 correct picks, while your very own Ghost Rat, LGBT, Flip Stricland and Brodrick Kincaid netted 10 each. Rat’s Widow outplayed the quarter this week and closed her gap to within one game of chance, while LGBT cut into Reyno Island’s slim lead in the overall standings. Danny Boy fell out of the pack this week, but for good reason. Danny’s son was born this week, and mom, dad, and son are all doing well. Our only fear is that Danny Boy’s two great sports loves both sport the color orange, so we hope that his son can get through his formative years in Wisconsin by finding appropriate camouflage. Hmmm… maybe a Velveeta cheese head will help him fit into the droves of the Packers’ faithful. We hope to have Danny Boy back next week (hint, hint, hint).

Anyway, here are the standings after Week Five:

Ghost Rat17590.660X
Fat Jesus17590.660X
Brodrick Kincaid16897.6347
Reyno Island165100.62310
Flip Stricland164101.61911
Country Preacher159106.60016
Rat's Widow146119.55129
Idaho Quarter128137.48347
Danny Boy35230.132140
updated 2/2/13

As for Week Six, this looks to be a more difficult week for picks, and our lack of clear picks among the staff illustrate this point. Last week we had six unanimous picks among our staff; this week we have only three. This promises to shape up the standings a bit this week if one of our contributors gets on a roll. You can see the individual picks here.

Week Six consensus picks

Steelers over Titans (unanimous)
Falcons over Raiders (unanimous)
Buccaneers over Chiefs
Colts over Jets (Idaho Quarter was the tie-breaker)
Bengals over Browns
Eagles over Lions
Rams over Dolphins
Ravens over Cowboys
Cardinals over Bills (unanimous)
Patriots over Seahawks
49ers over Giants
Vikings over Redskins
Texans over Packers
Broncos over Chargers

Ghost Rat

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