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Widows, even though I haven’t found the exact science for making picks, I stand by all of them from last week. The teams that I chose to win were already winners in my book based on their efforts in support of “A Crucial Catch”, the NFL’s program to support breast cancer awareness and education. I learned a lot in the research process and had fun writing my article last week.

In addition to being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Around the time when I was choosing the “scientific” formula to be used each week to make my sophisticated Widow’s Picks, The Artist Formerly Known as Chad Ochocinco was arrested for domestic battery against his wife. Chad Johnson’s arrest, and the ensuing media circus surrounding an NFL player so publically being inappropriate, inspired my decision to take a week in October to choose winners based on the team with the fewest players arrested for violent crime. I chose this week because the third week of October has been designated by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) as “The Week Without Violence”. I hereby decree, by the power vested in me by football widows everywhere, that the nice guys will finish first this week!

I know what you’re thinking, Widows. How can I expect men who get paid obscene amounts of money to beat up on each other on the field be expected to hold it together off of it? It’s really quite simple, and it harkens back to my thought that everything they need to know about football, they learned in Kindergarten. For example, in Kindergarten, we learn the difference between our “inside voice” and our “outside voice”. If you scream on the playground, it’s all good. If you scream in the classroom, you stand in the corner. The distinction is clear. In the NFL, there are rules and penalties. My husband pointed out a great litmus test when making decisions about behavior. If it gets you a 15 yard penalty during the game, best not try it at home. Speaking directly to Chad Johnson in this case, no head butting allowed! Not even if the other guy is wearing a helmet!

Further inspection revealed something that footballs fans already know, although Widows like me didn’t even have this on the radar. Apparently, again sort of like Kindergarteners, some NFL players do better when they are being monitored. For example, I found several articles that referred to Tennessee Titan Kenny Britt’s “crime spree” that occurred during the lockout prior to the 2011 season. This is one example of apparently several instances in which players engaged in behavior that would have been addressed as violations of the player conduct policy, yet couldn’t be addressed during the lockout. Lockouts are temporary, and that one came and went. Damage to one’s character lasts forever. Maybe this is a stretch, but if we started hearing about a crime surge among Chicago teachers during their recent work stoppage, would we dismiss it since they are off the clock? If a person behaves badly and no one was around to pay them, is it still wrong? Since this chapter of NFL history is in the record books, and I don’t have a great answer, I will climb carefully off of my soap box. (Note that I haven’t said word one about these guys as role models for the young men my husband and I are raising.)

I understand that it may not be reasonable to expect that the crime rate among millionaires between the ages of 22 and 40 playing pro football would be any different than the rate for other men in the same age group. I am not going to get into the debate about whether or not these gentlemen should or should not be regarded as role models to our nation’s young people. However, I am very interested in how teams and the League as a whole, respond to criminal activity and other misconduct on the part of players.

Chad Johnson was fairly swiftly cut from the Dolphins. Detroit cut corner back Aaron Berry following an assault arrest. In April 2012, the Vikings cut running back Caleb King after he fractured a man’s skull in a fight that ensued because the guy said that King looked like comedian Eddie Murphy. Seattle cut Jarriel King following an arrest for suspicion of sexual assault of an intoxicated woman. In many cases, however, players continue to play. I guess not everyone should lose their job just because they get into trouble with the law. However, the NFL has acknowledged the issues surrounding risky personal behaviors and has responded.

The NFL has a mandatory program for all rookies called The Rookie Success Program. This program includes education on topics such as stress management, anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse and impulse control. Player Assistance and Counseling Services are also available. Modeled like a typical employee assistance program, these services are designed to assist players with issues that they face upon transition into the NFL, throughout their career, and during transition out of the league. There is recognition on the part of the league that life in the NFL is not without pressure and players may need resources, not only to help them be better players, but to be better people.

Widow’s Warning: People are innocent until proven guilty. Some of the cases I found have not yet been decided in a court of law. I am basing my picks this week on arrests, with no presumption of guilt. No NFL players were harmed in the making of my picks. So, may the team with the fewest thugs win!! Here’s hoping for no domestic violence in their homes, no brandishing of weapons, no bar fights, and, for heaven’s sake, calling a cab when drunk!!

Week 6

Steelers over Titans (Ben Rothlisberger, you are lucky you are playing the Titans!)
Falcons over Raiders
Chiefs over Buccaneers (Jermaine Philips, still a Buc, arrested for domestic violence, specifically strangulation, of his partner)
Jets over Colts
Browns over Bengals (The Browns have some VERY naughty boys to thank for being picked to win. See Cedric Benson below. He is impacting 2 teams this week.)
Eagles over Lions (Michael Vick may have paid his debt to society, but if they weren’t playing the Lions, I’d have gone the other way on this game)
Rams over Dolphins (Gimme and “Ocho”! Gimme a “Cinco”, what’s it spell…? I know they cut him, but I stand by this pick)
Ravens over Cowboys (Cowboys, thank Dez Bryant and his recent “Family Violence” incident)
Cardinals over Bills
Patriots over Seahawks (Jarriel King was charged with 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct earlier this year, Leroy Hill remained a Seahawk after a domestic violence arrest and marijuana possession charges)
Giants over 49ers
Redskins over Vikings (Chris Cook, still a Viking, arrested last year for brandishing a gun)
Texans over Packers (Before his time with the Packers, Running Back Cedric Benson was arrested for an assault that caused injury to a family member.)
Chargers over Broncos (Defensive End Elvis Dumervil was arrested this summer for aggravated assault)

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