Oct 082012

Question: How do you get more people to vote in the Gridiron Rats poll?

Answer: Get a bunch of angry Jets’ fans to participate.

Actually, I expected a bit more anger in the poll than we actually got. As you will recall, last week’s poll question focused on identifying the main culprit of the New York Jets’ current woes. And the results are that those fans were surprisingly honest about the plight facing their favorite team. How do we know they were Jets fans? Because the overwhelming majority of votes were cast by those visiting us from Reddit.com, where we placed to poll on the Jet’s sub-reddit. So, without further ado and just in time for tonight’s clash with the Houston Texans, here are your poll results.

Poll #8: What is the biggest cause of the Jets’ current woes?

All of it; it’s a mess (65%, 22 Votes)
What are you talking about? The Jets are 2-2 and will be just fine (12%, 4 Votes)
The Jets’ lack of a starting quarterback (9%, 3 Votes)
Poor coaching (9%, 3 Votes)
The offensive line (6%, 2 Votes)
The defensive line (0%, 0 Votes)
Total Voters: 34

All in all, most folks believe the mess is systemic within the Jets’ organization. And if that is the case, the front office is the source of the problem. Since you can’t get rid of the owner, it would seem that if the season continues on its current trajectory, only getting rid of Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan is going to begin to address the situation, and the team – frankly – will need to be blown up and to start over. I know we are only five weeks in, but I think Reyno Island was spot on last week when he said the window was closed. Once that is accepted, the Jets’ will have the freedom to get rid of Mark Sanchez and a host of other players that will never win them a Super Bowl. Now one could just chalk this up to the gloating of a Patriots’ fan who wants to see the Jets fail, but that wouldn’t be the case; I would much rather see the Patriots win a strong division than a weak one. Doing so means the Patriots are a better team for it, and will perform better in the post-season. I also think rivalries are better when both teams are good. Unfortunately, right now the Jets are simply not a good football team.

Four people saw no problem with the franchise, presumably because they have a 2-2 record at the time of this writing. And as I said when I posted this poll last week, I want to thank Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Bart Scott for stopping by the site to take our poll (funny how four people chose that response).

With that poll in the books, our next question focuses on which team is the best surprise story of the 2012 season to date.

Poll #9: Which team’s start is the most surprising?

San Diego (3-2)
Minnesota (4-1)
Atlanta (5-0)
Arizona (4-1)
St. Louis (3-2)
Seattle (3-2)

As always, we welcome your votes and your comments.

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