Oct 012012

Last week we asked how many wins you expect the New Orleans Saints to tally this year. Most of those who voted (62%) thought the Saints would have an impressive recovery and bounce back to win as many as 9 games, but not make the playoffs. Personally, I’m with the contingent that thinks that the Saints will only pick up between 4-6 wins, given a porous defense and a less than adequate offensive line. The Saints are now down to 0-4, with a tough game coming up against the Chargers next Sunday night. One person thought the Saints would rebound to win at least 10 games and make the playoffs, and we’d like to thank Mr. Brees for taking our poll. :-)

Poll #7: How many games will the New Orleans Saints win this season?
7-9; they’ll recover, but not enough to make the post-season (62%, 13 Votes)
4-6; too many problems to be a competitive team (24%, 5 Votes)
0-3; this team is a mess (10%, 2 Votes)
10-13; Drew’s right – they are fine and will storm through the rest of the regular season (4%, 1 Votes)
Total Voters: 21

Poll #8: What is the biggest cause of the Jets’ current woes?
This week’s poll focuses back on the AFC East and the New York Jets. After scoring 48 points in Week One, the Jets have scored only 33 points in the subsequent three games for 81 total points. Their showing against the 49ers was abysmal, and they are without Darrelle Revis for the season and Santonio Holmes for the moment, while Mark Sanchez has looked every bit of the “yet another failed USC starter” in two ugly losses, and even in their win over the Dolphins. It’s no wonder Rex Ryan wants his team to stay away for a couple of days while he polishes up his resume…er… works with his coaches to correct the problems. So this week’s question is… what is the biggest cause for the Jets’ current woes?

Your choices:
– The Jets’ lack of a starting quarterback
– The offensive line
– The defensive line
– Poor coaching
– All of it; it’s a mess
– What are you talking about? The Jets are 2-2 and will be just fine

Please note that if you vote for Option #6 that we will assume your first name is either Mark, Tim, Rex, or Bart.

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