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Obviously with the officials’ lockout resolved, we are calling off any plans to boycott the NFL Network on October 4th. As you will note from some of the other posts on this site, we are not particularly pleased with Commissioner Goodell’s handling of the lockout, but glad that the officials are back in place, which was the point behind a boycott.

Thanks to all who supported our call for fan action!


Enough is enough.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might be going through the motions to give the appearance that the NFL is seriously negotiating with the NFLRA, but it is clear that they are more determined to break the union than to maintain the integrity of the game that we love as fans.

Gridiron Rats is now calling on fans to step up and hit the NFL where it counts; in the wallet.

We are asking that all National Football League fans boycott the NFL Network on Thursday, October 4, including the airing of the Cardinals – Rams game on Thursday night. There is only one game on that night, and perhaps if the NFL takes a ratings hit and  grief from its sponsors, then they might actually get serious about putting the real officials back on the field.

Please share this call widely. If we can unite as fans we may be able to make the point that the NFL cannot continue to jeopardize the outcomes of games and the safety of players. We want the integrity of the NFL restored, and to see the product that we have come to know and love as NFL fans.

Our goal is to see the game restored and to see the proper NFL officials on the field. If the NFL can come to a resolution by October 4, then this boycott will be canceled. Otherwise, we ask you to stand with us as fans.

Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

  10 Responses to “BOYCOTT: Calling fans to boycott NFL Network on Thursday, October 4”

  1. Roger Goodell’s phone number is 212-450-2027. Call him and tell him what you think. BOYCOTT THE NFL.

  2. Agreed, Chief. Everyone reading this should call in and tell the NFL to settle the lockout NOW.

    To be clear, we are only advocating a boycott of the NFL Network on Thursday, October 4th. We can call for more if needed thereafter, but we are targeting only the NFL Network, and not other broadcast networks.

  3. Why can’t you boycott this Thursday during the Ravens/Browns matchup? Is it because that AFC matchup might have more of an impact on your beloved Pats? Why do you have to wait to boycott until two NFC teams are playing? Screw that. I’m watching.

  4. I think the boycott should start for this thursday, I am not going to watch any football until the regular refs come back. I already called Goodell and left a message. It is not fun to watch anymore because it is no longer contigent on player play, but the other team in the black and white.

  5. We are calling for October 4th because it will take some time to get enough people to weigh in and agree to the boycott with us. We are a very small website, and we are madly emailing everyone we can to get this started. We appreciate the help of anyone willing to do so… share on Facebook and Twitter… email your local reporters. If we can get some media on this we might be able to get thousands of fans to join us.

  6. I am in! This crap needed to end before it got this far.

  7. The most effective boycott’s are normally to call to boycott the advertising sponsors. That is where the real money is and believe me they will pressure the nfl to settle if they see their company name being talked about in a boycott!

  8. This is a more realistic idea: simply turn off the first set of commercials for every game (1st TV timeout). The more people that pledge to do this (‘Like’ our Facebook page), the less those ad spots are worth (currently they are the most expensive for advertisers). Please spread the word.

  9. To Reclaim Our Game:

    I endorse your idea – you endorse ours. It’s good to turn off advertising, and we want to target the NFL Network directly as a part of the National Football League. Depriving them of viewers also means that no one is watching their ads, plus it says that we refuse to endorse the game product that they are bringing to our screens.

    Ultimately, both efforts are cosmetic but potentially impactful, if we can get enough people together. Everyone will have their own idea about the best way to do this, but since no one else was stepping up, we chose to. Please join our effort and turn off the NFL Network on October 4th, broadcast that you are doing so via Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and invite your friends and family to do the same. Together we can make a statement to Roger Goodell and the owners that are tarnishing the game we love.

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