Sep 212012

If Rex Ryan is the first ring of the Jets’ three ring circus, and if Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are fighting over the right to be the second ring, then Bart Scott has made a strong bid to be considered the third ring. Scott, who had previously spouted off about leading a “Media Mutiny” today threatened a reporter in the New York Jets locker room after the reporter took a cell phone picture of Scott.

According to ESPN:

Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential magazine approached the linebacker to snap a picture with his phone to use on his website.

Scott asked Leberfeld why he was taking another picture of him — after Leberfeld did the same thing Wednesday, upsetting another female reporter who was talking to the linebacker off the record.

Leberfeld, in his 18th season covering the team, told Scott he did it simply because he wanted to, and the linebacker told him to “get a life.” Leberfeld fired back with a similar response.

Scott said he’d hit Leberfeld, who responded: “I’ll sue you.” Scott shouted, “I don’t care!” and was led out of the locker room after a Jets media relations staffer intervened.

“We work hard to foster an appropriate working environment,” the team said in a statement. “We regret this incident occurred and are reviewing the matter.”

Leberfeld, who also works for Sirius XM Radio, told The Associated Press he never actually felt physically threatened.

“I don’t think a player would be that stupid,” he said. “A player would be suspended or have legal issues, so I don’t think a player would ever do that.”

There were many ways that Scott could have handled this confrontation, but it is absolutely no surprise that Scott managed to find the wrong way to do so. Scott is a player who has struggled with self control both on and off the field as a Baltimore Raven and as a New York Jet, and was previously fined $10,000 for showing an obscene gesture in front of a cameraman while in the locker room. While Scott’s legs have lost a step and he no longer plays at a Pro Bowl level, his mouth clearly continues operating at a world champion pace.

And the Jets wonder why they are considered a circus.

No doubt Scott will have to issue the dreaded non-apology apology at some point. To which all I can say is, “Can’t wait!”

Ghost Rat

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