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Hello again, Widows. By this time, another week of football is over and we have survived. At my house, we survived in spite of a harrowing last two minutes of Patriots football that included a touchdown that got called back and a missed field goal in the final seconds of the game, resulting in the first Patriots loss of a home opener in many years. More importantly, they foiled my mascot theory from last week. I really thought that a Patriot would win a fight with a Cardinal.

At the end of Week 2, I am holding my own against the big boys of Gridiron Rats. My highly sophisticated picks have me tied with Idaho Quarter, proving that I can do at least as well as chance. Incidentally, I am batting .500, which, if this were a baseball site, would be an incredibly good average.

I really thought I was on to something choosing based on mascot fierceness. Imagine my surprise that baby horses can defeat Vikings, Bills (whatever they are) can beat Chiefs, and Dolphins can beat anything, let alone Raiders! The whole “Jets-beat-Steelers-because-Jets-are-made-of-steel” theory was a bigger reach than I thought it would be! I forgot to take into account that the Jets in question are made of Tebow and Sanchez, piloted by Rex Ryan.

I don’t know about you, ladies, but my husband would dearly love to have an opportunity to see his favorite team play on their home field. In his case, it’s Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots. He bemoans the fact that we live smack dab in the center of NFC North country, seemingly light years away from the AFC East, which he considers home. That means that the chances of him seeing the Patriots play within weekend driving distance of home are somewhere between slim and none.

This had me pondering our ability to combine a mini-vacation with a trip to a game. However, all cities that have NFL teams are not created equal. This brings me to my criteria for Week 3 picks: Which city would I personally prefer to visit. Of course I have to choose the Patriots to win because I know how much my husband would like to make that trip, although I am sure that Baltimore is a great place to visit too.

On Thursday night, the Carolina Panthers host the New York Giants. I have not gotten to spend nearly enough time in either New York or the Carolinas and would love to visit either one. Carolina edges out the Giants in my pick to win because they technically play in New Jersey. So do the Jets, so I chose the Dolphins to win as well.

Going into Sunday’s games, most of my picks were pretty clear cut. For example, I love the Tampa Bay area, so I favor the Buccaneers over the Cowboys. In fact, I also chose the Jaguars because of them being in Florida too. I’ve spent time in both St. Louis and Chicago, preferring to drive in St. Louis traffic which makes access to shopping simpler, so I have to go with the Rams to beat the Bears. I have spent a fair amount of time in the Twin Cities, and I am the mother of a Vikings fan. That said, I’d rather go to San Francisco. Wouldn’t you? After all, Napa is just a short drive out of town and the Union Square area has some of the finest shopping in the country in my opinion.

I don’t have a great interest in going to Detroit, so I am picking the Tennessee Titans, if nothing else, for the food and the music scene. I’d also choose to see the Redskins in our nation’s Capital over Cincinnati. I’ve heard good things about Kansas City, although New Orleans is a wonderful place to visit. This one pains me because I am developing some disdain for the Saints, but rules are rules in the game of scientific football prediction. Therefore, Geaux Saints! I chose the Eagles for the historical significance of Philadelphia over the Cardinals of Arizona. I’ve been to Phoenix several times, but never to Philly although the case could be made for Scottsdale as a great shopping destination! I chose the Chargers over the Falcons because visiting San Diego is on my bucket list, and I prefer the mountain beauty of Denver over Texas.

Widows, I am very concerned that you are going to start believing that I have a personal vendetta against the Browns. I am again choosing them to lose for the 3rd straight week, this time to Buffalo. Let’s be honest…unless Cleveland was playing Detroit, I really would have picked them to lose to any team since Detroit of all destinations would be my least favorite. If this was week 13 or so, I also likely would have chosen differently, mainly because I fear the difficult winters that Bills fans must endure. Luckily for the Bills, this game is being played in September. Besides, Buffalo boasts 9 shopping attractions, including upscale malls, a gigantic bookstore, an outdoor market, and even a custom hatter!

My toughest pick of the week was the Steelers vs. Raiders matchup. I ultimately went with the Raiders because I have a former colleague who lives in the area. At least she and I could do lunch. That brings us to Monday night which features the Packers and the Seahawks. I love Seattle!

Week 3 Picks
Panthers over Giants
Buccaneers over Cowboys
Rams over Bears
49ers over Vikings
Titans over Lions
Redskins over Bengals
Saints over Chiefs
Dolphins over Jets
Bills over Browns
Jaguars over Colts
Eagles over Cardinals
Chargers over Falcons
Broncos over Texans
Raiders over Steelers
Patriots over Ravens
Seahawks over Packers

Rats Widow

Rat's Widow is very happily married in spite of her football widow status. She is a mom, a step-mom, and a professional who enjoys shopping, cooking and knitting. She is learning quite a bit about football in spite of herself...

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  1. Love the way you write. Your dislike for the Browns is understandable, but have you ever gone shopping or partying in Cleveland? It’s a fun city!

  2. I’m in, Ro! When do we leave for Cleveland? I’ll bring sensible shoes and a credit card!!

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