Sep 162012

Greetings and welcome back to Gridiron Rats (GiR). We have had a wonderful week of traffic on GiR and have welcomed back a writer to the site. Cankles (formerly using the handle Ed Werder) wrote our piece on the Packers – Bears rivalry, and it is nice to see him back on the site now that his work life is settling down a little bit. Although we have been advertising pretty heavily on Facebook to drive traffic to the site, the real surge in readership came when we started posting articles on Reddit. Prior to now I had never used that site much, but once I started subscribing to the feeds (known as sub-reddits) on the site and unsubscribing from the ones that they automatically set, I have now come to appreciate why the site is referred to as the front page of the internet. You can usually find us in the /r/nfl area or in whichever team I am posting an article on.

Some quick items:

* We had our house-warming/wedding party last night, with about 65 of our closest friends showing up and having a great time. The destruction that ensued was epic.  :-)  We did a lot of cleaning afterwards last night, but there is party shrapnel nearly everywhere, though no major disasters. Needless to say, after this article goes up it is back to cleaning until the games start at Noon. No live blog of the game today, though I am once again wearing the silver #54 Bruschi jersey for the game.

* I am looking forward to the Week Two activity and seeing what upsets will be in the making today. Blogging will pick back up after the first set of games, with a post on game results and a follow-up on the Patriots-Cardinals game.

* I hope that our readers like the variety of pieces we have been posting to date, and I invite our readers to offer suggestions for both story ideas and for future polls. Once again, I will remind our readers that they are welcome to submit articles for our consideration; we are glad to post well-written pieces that you are willing to share.

* The GiR bumper stickers are here and I am sending them out to those people who have requested them. I have a limited supply of the stickers, but am glad to send them along for free to people upon request while my current stock exists. Eventually we will be selling these along with GiR shirts, but for now we just want to share the love. You can see the bumper sticker here. If you’d like one, just send your name and address to

* As I noted, we have enjoyed a banner week and a banner month in terms or our traffic thanks to viewer from Reddit. As of September 15, we had already passed the number of page visits that we had for the entire month of August, which had been our busiest month in our four months of existence. I will be posting our user stats in our advertising section just so people can get a sense of what our readership numbers look like. We are not even close to being competitive with more established NFL blogs, but truthfully that was never really the intent. The point of this endeavor was to have fun (which we are doing) and the fact that we have developed a readership base outside of our family and friends is very rewarding and validating. It seems like some folks out there like this site, and we are glad that you do. Please keep coming back, and we will keep working to improve this site. As of this morning, we only have 74 followers on Twitter (@GridironRats), but we have 444 followers on Facebook. Please do join us at and “Like” our page, and follow us on Twitter if you tweet.

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