Sep 112012

Two quick points of business this early morning.

First, thanks for your patience as our site crashed yesterday. Not just our site, but many Go Daddy sites were down for several hours yesterday. I am so pissed at Danica Patrick right now! Seriously, the outage affected small business sites and was caused by a hacker attack. Probably a Jets fan. Hey Tebow…where were you yesterday?

Next, a quick shout out to our new Twitter follower, Chad Johnson. Yep, THAT Chad Johnson. Mr. Johnson, we welcome you, but in the interest of full disclosure wish to point out that we (more accurately, I) had some good-natured fun at your expense here and here. As I said, it is all in good fun, and we would love to have you over for dinner to make amends, but my step son is very concerned that his mother will be head butted as a ritual form of greeting. If you can allay his concerns, we will send you the playbook with instructions for getting to our house. More seriously (seriously), I am disappointed things didn’t work out for you in New England (as a huge Patriots  fan), but glad you parted with the team on good terms. On a side note, we were not sure if you were kidding, but if you choose a career in the adult film industry, we wholeheartedly endorse the screen name “Hanging Chad”. I can’t promise we’ll actually watch your movies, as we barely have time to maintain a mediocre fan site. And as a final thought, Chad, I know you had one endorsement opportunity go away, but if there is anyone who knows how to brand, it is you. Any advice on how to line up corporate sponsorship so that I can lead the same lifestyle as Mike Florio? Just curious.

P.S. Chad, if you email me your address (, I’ll send you your very own Gridiron Rats bumper sticker. I know… what a deal… right?

We now take you back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.

Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

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