Sep 052012

Is it the Irish Catholic background? The fact that both guys played along the offensive line? Is Mike Golic a fan of Gridiron Rats and the Country Preacher? Who knows? But if you tuned into ESPN’s Mike and Mike this morning you learned that Golic has faith in what the Country Preacher has preached.

Golic picked the Phildelphia Eagles to win the NFC, and the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC. Golic then proceeded to match the Country Preacher’s prediction that the Ravens would emerge as the Super Bowl champs. Golic also projected, like the Country Preacher, that Michael Vick would capture MVP honors on offense this season.

Golic was correct in basing his selection of the Eagles as NFC Champs on the assumption that this will finally be the season that the Eagles remain healthy. The key will be for Vick to miraculously avoid the bumps and bruises that have slowed him down in seasons past. I use the term “miraculously” because this will be no small feat for a guy who plays the quarterback position like Michael Vick does. However, if Vick does manage to stay healthy this will be the season that he earns the MVP honor and leads his team to the reception of the Halas Trophy come January.

The Ravens may have their best offense ever this season. Combining a solid offense with one of the better defenses in the NFL should cause all teams in the NFL to shudder at this prospect. The Ravens will likely be this kind of a team this season, and they will wind up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February.

Country Preacher

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