Aug 202012

We just closed our initial poll, and the results are below. The disappointing news is that only 15 of you (OK, 14 after me) decided to play. C’mon, we know there are more of you reading than that; we see the numbers of site visitors each day. So please take a second to play along and cast your vote in this election season!

Our previous poll was “Who will take a bigger step backward this season… Cincinnati or Detroit?”

You responded with:

Cincinnati; Sophomore slumps will take their toll (7 votes, or 47%)

Detroit; Lack of discipline and defense (3 votes, or 20%)

Both; Either will be lucky to go 8-8 this season (3 votes, or 30%)

Neither; Both are playoff bound (2 votes, or 13%)

This week’s poll:

Which rookie quarterback will finish with the highest quarterback ranking this season?

Andrew Luck, Colts

Robert Griffin III, Redskins

Brandon Wheeden, Browns

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins


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