Aug 152012

For today’s edition of the Rat’s Lair, it’s time to call out some of the idiocy of NFL players now that playing has begun. I really can’t wait until the start of the regular season, when talks with the press become a little more game and performance focused. Until then, open mikes abound and without the pressure of real wins and losses, some players don’t yet seem to be on their game.

This week’s winners for stupid behavior/commentary:

Chad Johnson, Unemployed –

He allegedly yelled at his wife that he didn’t care about his career. Well that’s a good thing, because Chad’s little head-butting outburst has cost him his job with the Dolphins, his tv show, his wife, and makes it unlikely that any teams will pursue Chad barring catastrophic injuries to the receiving corps. Chad’s apology was much better than most of the non-apology apologies that we are used to seeing from celebrities and politicians, so I give him that much… there is hope. But while his best days as a person may be ahead of him, his days as a player are looking to be in a rear view mirror.

Robert Griffin III, Redskins –

I enjoyed the first outing this past week by RG3 and am genuinely excited about what this kid has the potential to do in the NFL. I really believe that the Redskins franchise could flourish if they surround him with the right talent. My beef with RG3 comes from his post-game conference, where he referred to pre-season preparation by saying, “we were doing… you know, retarded, or ridiculous things…” Ummm… someone from the Redskins’ staff needs to sit down with this kid and remove that word from his vocabulary. Of course, this is the same team who still thinks it is appropriate to have a team name that refers to the color of someone’s skin. What a bunch of re-, oops strike that, maroons (thanks, Bugs).

Mohamed Massaquoi, Browns –

Our latest brainchild is the Browns’ wide receiver who said that Head Coach Pat Shurmur’s aversion to Twitter was because “Pat’s a little older, so he really doesn’t understand it.” Really Mohamed? Really? I think the only thing Massaquoi established with this comment is that he is an idiot, or ignoranimous (see link above). I am 48 years old, one year older than Shurmer, and I have likely forgotten more about social media and technology than this little pissant knows. Perhaps Mohamed should spend some time getting re-acquainted with the football field, a place we rarely seem to find him, than offering his pearls of wisdom to the press.

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