Aug 132012

Because they seem to think this is going to surprise people.

Hop in your time machine, go back nine months or so, and you’ll see I was one of Tebow’s biggest defenders while he was in Denver. But if the Patriots figured him out after he was getting all the reps and was at least trying to be a part-time pocket passer, what makes the Jets think he’s going to be all that and a bag of chips as a change-of-pace[1] guy? Particularly in the same division as (1) the Patriots (see above) and (2) the Dolphins, who sprung this whole wildcat thing on us in the first place?

New York fans, it’s time to face facts: bringing on Tebow, while I will always consider it a Good Thing for freeing up a roster spot so my Broncos could sign Peyton Manning[2], was not your team’s best personnel decision…

There is no benefit in trying to shoehorn into your offense a scheme that has already run its course, and the down side is obvious: the second-string QB is already the most popular player on the team. When that second-stringer is Tim Tebow, and the team plays its games in New York (well, New Jersey, anyway), I’m surprised they’re not already calling for Sanchez’ head.

Oh, wait. They are.

Have fun with that.

[1] Keep in mind that, without regular game experience, Tebow’s accuracy ain’t getting any better — meaning that once he trots onto the field, even my blind-ass dog is gonna know what’s coming next…

[2] Frankly, we didn’t actually need the Jets for that. The Broncos would have driven Timmy to the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park and left him with the elk if it meant getting Manning under center.

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  1. …picturing Tebow with the elk…. would they all be te-bowing by now?

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