Aug 102012

Well, the Cleveland Browns open the preseason tonight and one has to wonder what kind of year it is going to be? One of great joy or one of great misery? Being the eternal Browns optimist, I believed that they were beginning to turn the corner. The last two drafts have produced several starters or potential starters, including a new right tackle, quarterback, receiver, running back, defensive lineman, corner, and safety. 

My optimism has been short-lived. Scott Fujita is being suspended for three games for stuff he did with a previous team, Phil Taylor has gone down with a torn pectoral muscle, Chris Gocong is out for the year with a torn Achilles, Joe Haden is facing a potential four game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Trent Richardson just had knee surgery, oh and the team was just sold (to a man who once had a minority stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers). What does that mean for the Browns management? Well, I would not feel too comfortable right now. Which in turn means that as Browns fans, I expect them to be searching for a new coach, general manager, and team president. Please note, all of this has happened since May. This gets me pondering, when will the Factory of Sadness ever end! Well, beginning tonight, I believe it will. GO BROWNS!!!!

Fat Jesus

Long suffering Browns fan, but will always have the faith. Dawg pound is the best place to watch a football game.

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  1. TRUE TRUE, TRUE TRUE TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you are a true beliver as I am in math you know that just by the shear numbers a Cleveland team has to in spite of itself win once. This lodgical reasoning is for example why the Cubs are hosed as the Bulls and Sox took the Cubs chances of winning by winning more than once. Not only can 3 sports teams in on town not win it all once but it is the amazing way in which they find ways to lose when givin the chance. Now they cant even go a season without problem after problem. Afan

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