Jul 312012

Welcome back! or maybe I should be saying that to myself instead of to our readers.

Let’s see… in the past twenty-five days I have gotten married, taken a long weekend mini-moon, taken a six day business trip to San Diego and spend about thirty hours writing dissertation materials and working on updates to a book I am co-writing. So please forgive the interruption in our service.

So what else has happened in our absence? Training campus have broken, more players have been arrested, other players have failed conditioning tests, Drew Brees has continued to run his mouth and Rex Ryan started making ridiculous statements again after saying he was done making ridiculous statements. In other words, it’s been business as usual in the NFL. :-)

If you are not too wrapped up in gymnastics, swimming, and basketball to notice, football season is on our doorstep, and we at GiR could not be more excited. We do have articles on the way… really, I promise… these guys are writing again. If you have topics you’d like to see addressed let us know, or better yet pen your own article and let’s see if it is GiR material (meaning it is more advanced than a cave drawing).

Additionally, we have two late openings in GiR fantasy football… 16 teams, $50 keeper league… blah, blah, blah… read the league rules to learn more. We are opening the league to all comers, so please give a shout out to me quickly. Oh, and GO USA!


Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

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