Jun 082012

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s a slow day on GiR; it seems lots of our folks are already away for the weekend, and day jobs have kept the rest of us from attending to our other website duties. Please note the new artwork that is accompanying this column, which is courtesy of my 12 (nearly 13) year old daughter. We are both big fans, so it is only fitting that GIR should accompany our site.

NFL shorts:

1. Rob Gronkowski got an offer he couldn’t refuse. The Patriots rarely rip up rookie deals, but Gronk has so clearly outplayed his rookie deal that the patriots wanted to be sure that he didn’t hit the open market anytime soon. For his part, Gronk is taking the sure money now. It’s possible that he could have gotten more elsewhere if he was allowed to hit free agency, but it’s also possible that another injury to Gronk might limit his effectiveness and cost him a lot of money down the road. The Pats protected themselves with a $10 million escalator, but that is an issue for another day, or another few years. In this case, both sides can claim a win.

2. For the record, Darrelle Review wants you to know that he wants to retire as a Jet. As long as the Jets allow Revis to hold them hostage with constant re-negotiations. So what Revis should have said was, “I want to retire a Jet, as long as the organization keeps kissing my butt.”

3. Ocho got cut because, after all this time, he still didn’t know the playbook.

4. The Saints finally have a new offer on the table to Drew Brees, and some have suggested that a deal is imminent. That’s a good thing, because I am still trying to figure out how and why the organization has taken this long to pay the man.

5. Santonio Holmes threw a tantrum in practice. Get your popcorn ready.

Quick GiR notes:

1. I hope people got to read the introduction from Rat’s Widow. My soon to be spouse has decided to join us, and I couldn’t be happier. It should bring a completely different perspective to this site, and maybe even attract other football widow/ers.

2. Just a reminder that I am moving my base of operations next week, so Wednesday through Friday may be light days. I’ll still be on and moderating posts, but may not be able to chime in much during that period of time.

3. We are still in a slow football period, as training camp is still down the road, and football news is usually slow. However, the lockout of NFL officials promises to dominate summer conversation, and I know we will be paying close attention at GiR.

4. We will also be introducing some new writers soon. Like Gandhi but Taller is busy writing, as is Flip Stricland. Two other people are planning to join the team and last night a third (and… gasp… a Jets fan!) expressed interest. The list continues to grow.

5. Finally, if you are reading our site, please share this with others, and please like us on “Facebook.” Social media and word of mouth is our biggest draw for the initial launch, though I will be posting Facebook ads as the summer goes on.

Have a great weekend, and keep checking back for more new pieces from our contributors.

Ghost Rat

Football fan and longtime follower of the New England Patriots. Happily married father, professional, and author.

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