Jun 042012

Lots of little stuff to cover today.

First, some quick NFL snippets that caught my attention this weekend:

  1. At least the Cleveland Browns can be happy that they didn’t draft Justin Blackmon. The fifth overall pick of this April’s draft (Jacksonville Jaguars) was arrested for an aggravated DUI in Oklahoma. He blew a BAC of 0.24, or three times the legal limit on Oklahoma. It’s the second time he has been arrested for DUI. He now joins a long line of other Jaguars receivers who have also run afoul of the law (Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Jimmy Smith, and RJ Sowad). From my perspective, it’s time for Justin to either change his lifestyle (especially if he wants to stay in the NFL) or get the hell off the road. Right now, despite this kid’s obvious talent, I am not sure that he is going to make it.
  2. Bad news for AFC defenders; Rob Gronkowski’s ankle is coming along just fine.
  3. Is anyone else completely sick of Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, Drew Brees, and all of the other players who are denying that the Saints used a bounty system? At this point, I am pretty convinced that we could be presented with a video of Vilma saying “I will pay ‘x’ amount for anyone who makes sure the quarterback is carted off the field” and they would still come up with some half-ass denial as to why that does not constitute proof of a bounty system. However, the NFL for its part has not done a good job of managing the PR aspect of this. The league should simply come forward and present all of the facts that were used to reach their determination. While I respect that there may be legal implications that I am not considering, leaking the ledger news to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports was never going to settle questions; it was only destined to raise more. Enough already. As for the players, I think when your coaches go and ‘fess up that there was a bounty system being used, you should probably just shut up already. The players seem to be forgetting the First Rule of Holes; when you’re in one, stop digging.

On to the site, where we have several articles on the way that I expect will be posted this week. In addition to the writers that have already posted, Country Preacher and Flip Strickland will be introducing themselves to the readers as well. I have also secured commitments from three other people to contribute, and more information will follow on them.

On  a personal note, readers that know me know that I just bought a house and am in the process of moving in. Right now it is piece-meal moving, and the movers will be in on June 14th to bring the furniture over. That means June 13-15th there may be some disruption in being able to get articles posted while I try to get all of my technology hooked up at Helm’s Deep. Yes, I am such a Lord of the Rings geek that I have named my house after my favorite battle from the movies. No, it’s not the media bunker in West Virginia that another, far more famous football blogger has, but it suits me, and will be a wonderful place for my fiancée and I to call home.

Speaking of the woman in my life (who officially becomes my wife on July 6th), our readers are going to get to hear from her directly soon. I will leave the specifics to her to disclose, but Rat’s Widow (no, she isn’t planning to kill me; yet – it’s just her moniker on this site) has determined that she wants to play, and I couldn’t be happier, especially given the unique perspective that she will bring to this site. So welcome, my love!

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