May 272012

Greetings from the Rat’s Lair. This page will serve as a semi-regular space for me to provide updates on our website and to offering quick snippets on events surrounding the NFL.

We are excited to finally have gone to a live launch with the banner and design fully implemented. Kudos to Three Design Three for putting this site together, for responding so quickly and deftly to requests for changes or troubleshooting, and for handling the Twitter and Facebook feeds. Folks who need web design work should call on this company. Similarly, I was floored by the work done by Shannon at FlyDesign on our site banner. I offered a very general idea of what we were looking for in the artwork, and what you see on this site was her very first attempt to meet our needs. It was simply so good that there was nothing to change. So thanks to Shannon for her fantastic work.

We have gone and launched the site with just a few articles, and there are more under development from a number of authors. I enjoyed Fat Jesus’ piece on Roger Goodell and player safety, and hope it generates some discussion as we move forward. All of the authors are also busily putting together our predictions for the 2012 season, which we will be releasing in early August. We have several offers out to other people to serve as writers for the site, and we welcome new writers, whether as a one-time guest piece or as a regular contributor. If you are interested, we will need to get to know you a little and get an idea of what your writing skills are like, but do feel free to email me at if you have some thoughts on how to contribute.

On the NFL front, I was a bit dismayed to read that Nick Fairley of the Detroit Lions was arrested for speeding past an Alabama State Trooper at 100 mph and then eluding arrest. This is his second brush with the law in two months, as he was arrested for marijuana possession just last month. Between this guy and Ndamukong Suh’s antics last season, it is getting really ad to continue cheering for the Detroit Lions, who are finally becoming relevant again after suffering through many years of disgrace. I was very disappointed last season that the Lion’s coaching staff didn’t seem to crack down on Suh early enough, and now Fairley’s lack of responsibility or discipline has me questioning whether or not this team really has what it wakes to make it to the next level, or if they are going to take a step back this coming season. Here’s hoping the Lions can rein in their players and give the city of Detroit the winning football team that their fan base desires.

Another developing storyline is the ongoing saga of a lack of a contract for Drew Brees in New Orleans. As if this hasn’t been a bad enough off-season for the club, their franchise quarterback (who led the team to their only Super Bowl appearance and win) is still without the contract that he has earned. While I really didn’t care for Brees’ attitude as the Bountygate sanctions were being issued, the fact remains that Brees has performed like a franchise quarterback is expected to, and he remains of the top five quarterbacks in the league. The rumor now circulating that Brees might be willing to sit out the 2012 season is a very ominous sign for this team moving forward into 2012. Losing Brees for the year would essentially turn this team into last year’s Colts in terms of an epic collapse.

That’s about all for now; keep checking back as we begin to post more content over the next couple of weeks. Eventually we will see better balance in terms of the teams covered, but for Patriots fans I am currently working on a preview of the 2012 season. Thanks for reading!

 UPDATE: Even better… Fairley’s arrest was a DUI. This kind of immaturity could well stop this team from achieving its potential, and Head Coach Jim Schwarz needs to do a better job of holding his players accountable.

Ghost Rat

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